7 Amazing Gadgets For The Most Extra Desk, Ever

Entrepreneurs are often pictured as people who are constantly on the move when the fact is that they do spend a substantial amount of time in their desks and workstations. So why not make the best of that time and equip yourself with gadgets that can both boost your productivity and bring some fun to your day? Here are 7 gadgets that’ll take your desk from umm to uh-mazing!

The DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser

The desk cycle, is literally, a cycle small enough to fit under your desk. Like excuse me, how cool is that? Its compact design will help you burn calories as you work and ensures that you have no excuses for not moving around! Though not a replacement for gym, it negates the adverse effects of sitting all day (as you can see here) and makes you feel less guilty on the days that you’re not able to get a workout in. Paddle up!

The Lumo-Lift

When you’re in ‘airplane mode’ and deep into work, you just don’t notice your body slouching, which not only makes you look frumpy, but is also really unfriendly for your back. Lumo-Lift acts as your posture coach and reminds you to straighten up whenever you slouch. You just have to stick this to your body and it vibrates every time your back gets a curve. It also has a pretty cool history and activity tracker that can show you how much back-pain you have avoided. You can purchase it, here. Remember: no slouch, no ouch!

The iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer

Studies have shown that a work desk cluttered with cables and other items can increase the stress of the person. The iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer is a neat and efficient way to organize all of your desktop gear. The iStick comes with a holder for pens, notepads, photos, and your phone, as well as a USB hub and memory card reader. It even has a cute coffee cup holder to prevent any desktop spillage.

Muzo Noise Cancellation Device

You try so hard to focus at work – only to be derailed by chatter, clatter, and other distracting noises. Traffic, cafe machines, printing machines, the staff discussing your favourite series can easily steal your focus. The Muzo Noise Cancellation Device creates a protective no-noise bubble around you shielding you from all kinds of noise so you can work peacefully avoiding the loss of concentration and of course, the spoilers too.

The Moleskine Livescribe Notebook

Are you the kind who enjoys note-taking but constantly ends up losing the notes? Let us introduce you to the Moleskine Livescribe notebook, a notebook that gives you the freedom and flexibility that only pen and paper can, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud through wifi. This is the best gadget for note-taking and for staying organized without losing your notes or getting caught in any mix-ups. 

USB Powered Cup Warmer

What is a workday without a cuppa? Coffee is the greatest ‘incentivizer’ in office. But there will always be days when you forget your steaming cup in front of you only to meet with a cold, not at all delicious coffee in front of you. Prevent these blech situations by getting yourself a USB coffee warmer! All it takes to warm your coffee is just a connection to a working USB slot and voila! You don’t ever have to have an unintentionally cold coffee ever again.

Mini Smart Plug

The smart plug can switch electronic devices on or off by only using your phone or computer instead of you having to physically move to turn the switch. It uses the Wi-Fi to control the devices so you don’t have to get up if you want to switch, say, the fan or your charger off. Highly recommended for desk potatoes (confession: we’re desk potatoes too)

What are your favourite desk toys? Leave us a comment down below and we’ll be sure to check them out! 

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