Is Your Business Pinteresting Enough?

Will Using Pinterest Boost My Business?

The short answer is yes. 

Expanding the market for business became monumentally easier since the internet came into inception, and with the inception of social media, growth has been monumental. Whether it’s following and contributing to a hashtag on Twitter or posting images of your products and behind-the-scenes setup on Instagram, social media websites have helped reach out to (literally) the entire world.

Twitter and Facebook are great for interaction with customers and Instagram is perfect for displaying and showcasing your product. But when it comes to driving traffic to your site, you want to be on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest is the platform that is most effective in the case of advertising your product. Did you know that Pinterest advertisers earn $2 for every $1 they invest on advertising?

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What is Pinterest All About?

Pinterest employs the use of images, very much like a digital scrapbook, to put forth ideas that have proven to be gifts that keep on giving, and we’re here to help you make the most of it!

Whether it’s a product you want to sell or you wish to increase your brand presence, incorporating these 8 best practices when using Pinterest for your business will definitely give you the beneficial results you’re looking for:

Make Use of the Business Account

Yes, we know this is basic, but we can’t help but reinforce it. The Pinterest business account is better for marketing and provides you with tools like Pinterest Analytics, Pinsights, and Promoted pins that will tell you how exactly you’re faring on their website. Complete your profile by entering all the relevant information you know your potential consumers need to learn about you. This includes a profile picture preferably with your business logo on it, your username particular to your business name, a link to your working website, a short description of your business/product, and where you’re located. Don’t forget to claim your website!

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Don’t Ignore Pinterest! Data From Pinterest

Get started with a Product Specific Board

Choose an appropriate name when creating your board keeping in mind the theme of what you’ll be pinning on it. Select the relevant category and add a short description, using relevant keywords the entire time. Remember that the users are new to your brand and these small bits of information will go a long way if you don’t skip them. If you plan on promoting your business blog, it might help to keep the board a secret (you get the option when creating the board). You can add collaborators to the board, and choose cover images for the board too, so that when users come across the board, they get a quick glimpse of what they might find on your profile. Don’t forget to post your best pictures!

Using the right images

This is where you put your visual content at use. Colourful, well-framed pictures that speak about your business – whether it’s your office, a product, or an infographic. Portrait orientation works best for Pinterest and text in your image must be clear, uncrowded and in an easy to read font. This is because over 80% of Pinterest users access the platform through their mobile phones, so optimizing your content for phone screen viewing would boost engagement. Lifestyle images are often more effective than product shots, so if your Instagram looks dope, use your great aesthetic sense for Pinterest, too!

Branding placements

We’re all used to adding our logos to the bottom corners of every design we post, but it works differently on Pinterest. If you did the same, your logo would get cut off when posted as a pin. Get creative about how and where you display your logo. Placing it on the top or along the sidelines would bring to attention your brand and also stop others from plagiarizing the content you’ve worked hard on.

pinterest, pinterest strategy, pinterest strategy for small business, pinterest marketing how to, pinterest marketing basics, vue45
Data from Pinterest

Optimize your pins

Once you’ve done the hard work that is deciding the images you will pin, your next step is to figure out the title, description, and the hashtags. Search for the keywords relevant to your post and include them in your descriptions, and you can use up to 20 hashtags that could help make your post visible when other users look up those words. These will educate potential customers about what you post and what you are, and have a higher chance of driving more clicks to your site than a pin without any text. A strong Call To Action like ‘shop’, ‘find’, or ‘buy’ that redirects to your website will get the user clicking. But don’t reveal everything, of course. You’ve got to give them reason to see what you’re all about!

Consistency is key

While most other social media platforms show results for each post immediately, Pinterest requires time and consistent pinning. It’s important to remember that other sites often bring about likes and comments that don’t necessarily get permanent audience, whereas on Pinterest, most the engagement you get is likely to be meaningful and real. Post 4-5 pins regularly instead of flooding your board once in a while. Sustain a theme if you’re going for multiple boards, it’ll help establish a brand identity and help users distinguish you from everything else out there. You’re unique, and they should know it!

80% of Pinterest Users in 2018 use the site through mobile, so make sure your content is optimized! Source

Keep up with trends

It is advised that you start posting about holidays and other trends well in advance, maybe a month or more, and post about it regularly. Pinterest, in fact, has a special website in which it discusses the trends that are moving up, so keep an eye out for their super insightful posts! Whenever you’re posting on other sites, post right away on Pinterest, too. This will keep your brand and your board relevant and fresh all the time, and help maintain consistent (if not better) numbers in your analytics!

Don’t give up!

The numbers on other SM sites put up against Pinterest might make you want to quit the site for good. But here’s a fact that should change your mind – “Unlike social networks where all of your audience reach typically happens in the first 24 hours, your content on Pinterest will continue to grow over the course of months or even years.” In the long run, it won’t matter that your post on Facebook got 1000+ likes and your post on Pinterest wasn’t pinned more than 30 times. Pinterest will help you retain a dedicated audience, and that surely counts for more than random likes!

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