Finding Zen with Feng Shui

Are you working at your desk for hours on an end? Do you frequently feel like getting away from it all and running away to the mountains? Do you sometimes feel physically and mentally exhausted at the beginning of the day? Spending long hours at your desk can snuff positivity and cheer out of you in large doses, but a few changes in the decor and layout of your workstation can help you find your Zen, keep them bright ideas coming and let that positive energy, making you feel calmer and in control.

Here are five ways you can incorporate Feng Shui in your workplace to help you find more positivity, motivation, productivity and more. 

Clear Your Desk From Clutter

According to ancient Eastern wisdom, a cluttered work area is the sign of a cluttered brain space, so let your desk breathe. Make it a point to clear away all unwanted items that you do not need from your desk before you leave for the day. The items that should be on your desk ought to be the only things that you need; no more, no less. So when you check into work in the morning, you’re greeted by a perfectly organized, clutter-free desk that will boost your productivity!

Back to the Wall

In order to maintain a positive flow of energy, you need to be able to look at people while working. So rearrange your desk in such a way that you face a find your back faces a wall, a rack or some kind of flat space. Facing the wall, according to Feng Shui, literally restricts your potential, so if you want to feel better at work, just turn around! 

Cut Out The Angles

According to a popular Feng Shui belief, if there are angles pointing at your desk while you work, it affects your creativity. Angles have been equated with “poison arrows” that weaken your work spirit. And you just don’t mess with your work spirit. Subdue the negativity of angles with some smart furniture placement! Incorporate rounded chairs, circular tables, and domed elements into your space to reduce the angles in your room. You can also soften out angles using accessories like throws, circular rugs, soft curtains, and plants.

Plants = Positivity

Plants not only cancel out angles and add softness to your space, but also increase positivity. Having green around you will bring you cheer and connect you to the outside world, which is so important given that we spend hours at work. Ideally, the bigger the plant, the better, so if you have the space, go for plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Peace Lily or the Ficus Elastica, all of which make stunning decor statements. However, but if you don’t have the space for big plants, you can go for cutesy succulents like Rolling Jade, Aloe Vera or Crassula that are easy to maintain, require pretty much no space, and bring in that positive flush into your dreary work hours

Add a Splash of Colour

In Feng shui, colours are actually different expressions of light itself. Hence, they are a representation of happiness and vitality. One way of incorporating colour is through photos of happy memories. Another way, and our personal favourite is through bright stationery. Think neon post-its, gel pens in every colour you can think of, Washi tape, highlighters and more! Help yourself to a handful of colours to brighten up your workstation and you’ll find yourself dealing with mundane and day-to-day tasks with a lot more cheer.

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