Trendspotting At The Golden Globes

Earlier this month, the 76th Golden Globes was held at Beverly Hills, California. The red carpet, as usual, saw the best of Hollywood wear the best of Fashion. We’ve ooh-ed and aah-ed over the clothes, the cuts and the colours all weekend, but we were also curious – what were the trends that stood strong among the female guests?

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And The Award Goes To –

Catalog Management using Retail Automation

So we got really geeky about it. We culled all the images of the most prominent actresses at the globes and extracted as much data as we could from the images. Now, Vue45 is a pretty small setup – so you can imagine we don’t have the time to take a notepad out and jot down dress characteristics for 40+ items. We used an AI cataloging tool! The entire process took us ten minutes and we were able to extract data about necklines, dress lengths, sleeves, colours and cuts – with which we constructed the results.

Now, if you’re a fashion retailer, imagine the time saved and the accurate, detailed catalogs you could create for your e-commerce site with automation! AI isn’t just for the big enterprises, there are enough and more solutions for Small and Medium Businesses too! Not only will your tagging be faster, your catalog will also be cleaner.

{Lavanya, who is the author of this article, is the manager, editor, infographic junkie and errands boy at Vue45. If you’ve anything to say, do shoot her an email}

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