What Annoys You About Online Shopping?

Retail Insights from Real Customers

Yesterday, we conducted an informal survey through our social media handles where we asked our followers to tell us what annoyed them about shopping online. Our social media following across Twitter and Instagram is a 600+ diverse group across different age groups and countries. We began the survey assuming that we were going to get a variety of unique answers. Spoiler Alert: We didn’t!

“We can’t trust the description”

The most common answer received was that the description couldn’t be trusted. A large chunk of our respondents (29% to be precise) expressed their lack of trust in the images displayed on site. Respondents complained about the studio lighting, filters that were used to enhance these images and the inability to judge the hand-feel of the fabric as factors that put them off online shopping. So how does one increase trust among shoppers? We say – increase video content! Videos are more difficult to manipulate and exhibits the fabric in its truest form, not to mention they’re far more engaging in terms of content.

Those terrible size charts, followed by the fact that you will never know if it looks good on you till it reaches you.

— Smriti Raghunandan (@smriti_raghu) January 2, 2019
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The People Have Spoken!

Say No To Inconsistent Size Charts!

The next big problem that our respondents listed was the fact that sites did not stick to one size chart across all categories of apparel. Someone who would fit a small size in say, sweaters, would not be able to fit into a small sized blouse. The size charts were also designed based on a very conventional body type, which meant that women who were sized out of the mould, even slightly, would not be able to find a good fit. Once again – if you’re an e-commerce company in retail – we beseech you, use your site as if you were a customer. Would you be happy with the information available?

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

The third most popular complaint was the lack of diversity among the models – they were almost always caucasian and skinny, which was a huge put off among most women of colour. The lack of diverse body types also turned away customers who stepped away from purchasing because they did not know how the item would look on their body. Diversity is so important – not only because hi, it’s 2019, but also because it makes so much business sense to be so. If a customer – any customer and every customer – can relate to what you’re selling, it makes you a brand they’ll stay loyal to.

Insight and Hindsight

There were other answers we received, ranging from email spam to the lack of useful filters. Overall though, we were blown away by how common problems and peeves are irrespective of the geographies of our respondents.

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{Lavanya, who is the author of this article, is the manager, editor and errands boy at Vue45. If you’ve anything to say, do shoot her an email}

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